Thankful Pumpkins
Thankful Pumpkins

Thanksgiving is the holiday that everyone can get behind. It’s whole purpose is about taking a pause to bask in gratitude and celebrate blessings with family and friends. What’s not to love about that?

The turkey gets a lot of hype and I wanted to make sure that my kids understood the real meaning of the holiday. So one year, I was looking at my post-Halloween pumpkins and decided to upcycle them into Thankful Pumpkins.

I look for every opportunity to practice gratitude with my kiddos and Thanksgiving is a perfect time to kick it up a notch. We chat about people and things we’re grateful for and scribe it on the pumpkin. No filter - there are a bunch of random things that end up on there (like bacon), and that’s just fine.

We place our pumpkins in our yard to share with passersby and hopefully inspire others to be in a place of gratitude.

All you need is:
  • A pumpkin
  • Sharpies and/or paint
  • A grateful heart

I hope you start this tradition with your tribe.