Meet Meryl


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Meet Meryl

Mom so hard (twins). You betcha (Wisconsin) to hey y’all (Georgia). Mad question asking. Foodie. Always caffeinated. DIYer. Word girl. Reciter of affirmations. Sunsets over sunrises. Crystals and moonlight. High tea and grits. Bourbon, tequila, wine. Seashell collector. Off-key songstress. Twerker. Random texter. Prince and Tupac. Black card Beyhive member. Carpool champ. Purveyor of a simply delicious life. 

Sign: Leo

Color: Green

Food: Tacos are bae

Libation: Margarita, no salt

Movie Quotables: The Color Purple

I’ll Watch 1,000 Times: The Other Woman

Song: Never Too Much, Luther Vandross

Favorite Humans: My kids (aka The Boy and The Girl, aka Dem Babies, aka R and C)

Goal: Build a supportive community where we connect, talk about any and everything, and share ideas, recipes, life hacks and more...but mostly where we learn more about ourselves and one another.

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