When your lady parts are not OK, nothing else is right with the world. And for your vagina to be so powerful, she’s also mighty sensitive. Basically, she’s moody as hell.

Everyone deserves to have a healthy yoni. Here’s how you can help her flourish.

After Sex Behavior

You like cuddling after sex? Spooning? Yeah, that’s real cute until you get a urinary tract infection (UTI). Ok, ok...that’s a little harsh. You can cuddle for a little bit but then get up, head to the bathroom and go pee. Bacteria can get into your urethra, which can cause a UTI. When you pee, you flush those germs out. Bonus points if you can shower or wash up (with plain warm water). It’s not that anything is necessarily wrong with your partner. We all carry our own bacteria and sometimes our bodies get upset when we mix our bacteria with others.


Shower Behavior

The best tool you have for cleaning your vaginal area is your hands. Personally, I don’t want the same towel I used to wash my feet to touch my sacred areas. But that’s just me. Do not wash inside the vagina (and never douche). Rather, clean the surface and folds of the outer area with a mild cleanser.


Hydration Behavior

If you’re dehydrated, chances are your vagina is too. Weird, right? I don’t mean to get all WAP on you, but vaginal dryness is sometimes caused by dehydration. Not only does this make for uncomfortable sex, it can also cause itching, burning and pain and could lead to a yeast infection. It’s so much easier just to drink water throughout the day.


Supplement Behavior

Say it with me: lactobacillus acidophilus. This is a healthy probiotic that helps maintain a healthy vajayjay by supporting a healthy pH balance. (You can find a bunch over-the-counter at your favorite stores - I like Fortify.) When your pH balance is off, you can get bacterial vaginosis, which is no fun. Additionally, you should make sure you get your daily dose of vitamin C and D with a multivitamin - both of these help maintain a healthy pH. Also, boric acid suppositories are good to keep on hand to use when feeling not so fresh or after sex or after your period. Sounds weird, I know, but trust and believe.


Undergarment Behavior

There are so many cute undie options out there. Opt for one that is breathable. And go au naturel at night to give your girl a chance to breathe. Doing these two things can help you prevent a yeast infection.


Who knew your vajayay was so high maintenance?