Boost Your Immunity
Boost Your Immunity

I love modern medicine. I also love homeopathic and natural approaches. My fave is when I can combine the two to address my health needs. If you look in my medicine cabinet, you’ll find quite a mix of natural, prescription and over-the-counter meds for kiddos and adults.

After everyone in our house got the flu last year - even after vaccinations - I was determined to boost our immune systems.

My daily routine looks like this:
My kids’ routine looks like this:

Here’s what some of these lesser known goodies do for the body:


Oregano Oil -

This gem is a natural antibiotic, and can address respiratory issues (cough, asthma, croup, bronchitis), digestive issues, urinary tract and yeast infections, cancer-causing properties, inflammation and more. I put a few drops under my tongue every morning and let it dissolve, followed by drinking water. (This is strong! I tried taking it directly on my tongue and in water and it’s a no for me. Under the tongue is perfect.) Sometimes if I feel a tickle in my throat, I will take a few additional drops before bed and when I wake up, all is well.


L-lysine -

This is an amino acid that can prevent the recurrence of cold sores, reduce anxiety, improve absorption of calcium, and help the body create collagen (wounds heal better/faster). It helps strengthen the immune system by sort of realigning body chemistry so germs and foreign organisms don’t thrive.


Zinc -

Zinc has a number of benefits but I use it because it helps strengthen the immune system, helps fight infections, and addresses symptoms and the duration of the common cold.


Elderberry -

This is an all-around winner. It fights cold and flu symptoms, is packed with vitamin C, has lots of fiber, is anti-inflammatory, and it tastes good. I take a dose of the syrup every morning and my kids like the gummies.


Of course, this doesn’t replace the overall benefits of eating well, getting sufficient rest and staying hydrated.

Looking at seems like a lot. But given that awful experience with the flu, the current pandemic, and ongoing cooties that float around but don’t get as much press, I’m sticking with it.

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