Easy Salad Dressing
Easy Salad Dressing

I’m really weird about salads. I’m not an iceberg girl and tend to shy away from creamy dressings. I think it’s a texture issue I never overcame. So if I’m dining outside of my home and salad is offered, I always request it with no dressing and sometimes ask for lemon juice and olive oil, which I gingerly add to the leafy mixture. (There are some exceptions, like the grilled chicken salad at Houston’s that comes with yummy honey-lime vinaigrette and peanut sauce, and the southwest chicken salad at Chick-fil-A that I get with the avocado lime dressing.)

I would like my kids, however, to be able to enjoy salads without my issues. So when they request ranch or caesar dressing, I oblige. But then I whip up something for myself that looks something like this:

Salad Dressing

Whisk it together in a bowl and drizzle over your salad. So flavorful. Let me know if you try it.