Easy Margarita
Easy Margarita

My love language is tacos. This is a fact. And so it just makes sense that my favorite cocktail is a margarita.

The reasons are simple:
  • It includes tequila, which is my fave spirit
  • It’s easy to make modify to make it skinny or low carb
  • I can make them non-alcoholic for a festive kiddie drink
  • They are pretty foolproof and consistently good
  • It’s refreshingly yummy
Tricks to making margaritas taste really great:
  • Good tequila. That doesn’t necessarily mean pricey, but just a nice, quality one. My faves are: Casamigos (about $45 for 750 ml) and Espolòn Blanco (about $25 for 750 ml)
  • Fresh lime juice or a good bottled juice.
  • A good mix, if you’d prefer.
The following makes two margaritas. (Click here to watch me make it.)
    • To a shaker, add:
      • 2 oz tequila
      • 1 oz triple sec
      • 1 oz lime juice
      • 1 tbsp agave nectar
      • Ice
  • Shake vigorously
  • Pour into a rock glass or margarita glass filled with ice
  • Add lime wedges for garnish