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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Next to Christmas...and my birthday...and...well, it’s a happy time of the year. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is underway and for me, it’s an actual season. This sale is not like the others. It is when I stock up on items for myself and my kids because you can see the price that items will be as soon the sale is over. And because it’s The Nordstrom, you know everything is good quality.

The sale can be a little overwhelming because there’s just so much. But if you get nothing else, I think there are five must-haves from the sale.

1. Spanx legging.

These leggings are not like the rest. They snatch you in where you need to be snatched and are super comfy. I keep the leather ones in heavy rotation and wear them with sneakers and sweaters or tees in the fall and winter to upgrade my casual look, and I wear them with a cute top and heels when I need a quick go-to outfit for a night out. The camo ones are also a fave. You seriously can’t go wrong

2. Cardigans.

My love of cardigans runs deep. I live in the south and oftentimes we get three different seasons in one day. A cardigan is a great substitute for a coat. I throw one over leggings or yoga pants and tee when taking the kids to school, with jeans and a turtleneck when I’m running errands, and over a top when I have a video call to add a little polish. I stock up on a few different weights and colors during the sale.

3. Boots.

I like to get at ones one long pair and bootie during the sale

4. Tees.

I love a good tee...I need a good tee. And so do you. The ones from Nordstrom wash and wear well. Excellent price and lots of option.

5. Jewelry.

Not fancy jewelry but rather pretty jewelry that can be worn for multiple occasions. (HINT: I also grab extras for Christmas gifts.)

Click Here to see some of my favorite things from the sale. The sale ends August 8th.

Happy shopping! Let me know what you get