Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee

It’s no secret that I love coffee. Iced coffee is my jam. Lately, I’ve been making my own iced
coffee at home (shocker) and there’s always just a tiny bit of the old batch in my pitcher when
I’m changing it over to the new one. It hurts my spirit to throw away coffee and then I remembered
seeing coffee ice cubes and thought I’d give it a try.

Not only was it incredibly easy, but it also kept my coffee strong (since when the ice cubes melted it just turned into more coffee instead of water)

What’s better is you likely have what you need to make this yourself.

How to make
  • Brewed coffee (cooled)
  • Ice trays
  • Pour the brewed coffee in the trays and freeze. That’s it!.
How to use
  • Add to iced coffee or cold brew
  • Pour cold milk over the cubes to make a quick iced latte (sweeten or flavor as desired)
  • Add to your breakfast smoothies. I like 1 banana, a handful of spinach, 1 tbsp peanut butter, ½ cup almond milk, and about 5 coffee ice cubes.

Let me know if you try this and what you think.