Valentine's Gift Guide
The Meryl Valentine's Gift Guide

We all know that you’re supposed to show your love for others every day but let’s be honest – we don’t always do that. That’s why Valentine’s Day is special to me. It’s the one dedicated day where folks all over are emitting love and shouting it through words, actions, physicality, food, and more. I love seeing flower bouquets being delivered to the office, making sweet Valentine’s with the kiddos for their classmates, swathing myself, the kids and my home in red and pink, having yet another excuse to eat chocolate and those decadent iced sugar cookies, and being celebratory all in the name of love.

To help keep your stress level down, I’ve pulled together a few gift suggestions for the special man, woman, ride or die friend, and kid in your life. (See the links below.) There are so many ways to celebrate February 14th – a card, flowers, a picnic, a great meal, and so much more. However you decide to celebrate, have a great time!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guides 2020