Meryl Twins Celebrating Mother's Day 2021
Meryl Twins Celebrating Mother's Day 2021

I was looking around recently at my Mother’s Day gifts from years past. All creations by my wonder twins, who look forward to expressing their mastery of all things art and creativity on the day to celebrate moms. They’re all...unique. But I love them just the same.

This year I joked with my kids that I wanted them to buy me something. This was after the umpteenth trip to a restaurant and store, and I think I was lamenting about how they think I’m made of money. In any case, they took this to heart. When I didn’t see them working on anything for Mother's Day, I inquired and they told me, “Well, you said to buy you something. So we’re trying to figure out what to get you.” They even told my mother. Eek.

The truth is, like most mothers, I don’t expect anything from my tweens. Partly because I’m the one who is going to pay for it. But also because what most moms want is to be shown appreciation for the 24-7 worry, care, investment, attention, and love that we willingly give to our children.

Mother’s Day is May 9, and since the world was completely closed last year, I’m excited about having options in 2021. Here are a few indoor and outdoor activities and things that would be lovely:

  1. Have a fantastic picnic, indoors or outside, with fresh flowers (a gift all its own), candles and things she loves.

  2. Create a charcuterie board together of her favorite bites.

  3. Order in from her favorite restaurant. So many places are offering brunch to go.

  4. Send her to the spa or bring in a masseuse.

  5. Plan a family photo. Moms take a lot of pics but sometimes we’re not actually in pics (looking great).

Don’t forget to plan to clean up after the activities or bring in a cleaning crew.

If you’re looking for some fun gifts, click here for a few great ideas.

Celebrate your mom in a way that makes her feel special. But above all, make sure you tell her how much she is loved and appreciated. Take it from me, all moms love to hear that.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day 2021