Father's Day One-on-One Interview with Dad's
Father's Day One-on-One Interview with Dad's

Back when collect calls were commonplace, I read that Father’s Day usually had the highest number of collect calls of the year in the U.S. I always thought that was hilarious and very telling. Great dads spend and give their love, time, and resources throughout the year, and there are no exceptions made on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day became a national holiday in 1972 to celebrate the influence dudes have on parenting. Fatherhood has certainly morphed over the years, and I love to see the changes and strides that have been made. Awesome dads are involved and engaged in so many different ways to ensure their children (of all ages) experience pure love and support.

I usually have gift guides on TheMeryl to help others celebrate the special guys in their lives because, for whatever reason, it seems dads are hard to shop for. This year, however, I wanted to do something different. Instead, I am highlighting some great dad dudes who are doing fatherhood their own way.

Check out these awesome guys.
Father's Day Meet Cory


Dad of 11-year-old and 4-year-old daughters

My Perfect Father’s Day

My perfect Father’s Day would be a day of rest where nobody says anything to me or asks for anything. Even Superman had to put his cape in the dry cleaner. Beer and wings in peace all day!

Fatherhood is about leading, providing, and taking all the blame. It is my responsibility to equip them best to get where they need to be in life...empower them to accomplish more than I have. I love always trying to have an answer for their thousands of questions (not necessarily the correct one, but an answer nonetheless) and helping shape their minds. Being a great father means becoming more than you are. It means being loving, patient, and listening without judgement. I would tell dads (new and seasoned) to give kids the best they can, pray a lot and give themselves time to decompress. We can all benefit from slowing down and giving our full attention to our kids. I’m always surprised by kids’ loyalty and their empathy. Even when I mess up, I’m still their hero. If I’m having a tough time, they tell me it’s OK and give me a big hug and kiss.

Father's Day Meet Dorian


Dad of a 10-year old daughter & 14-year old son

Best Father’s Day Gift

Three years ago in Belgium, my wife and two of her friends decided to create a Fathers Day food experience for my buddies and me. It consisted of printed menus, white table cloths, a five-course meal with all of our kids as the servers, and we were treated like kings. They made all of our favorite dishes, and it was the absolute best!

One of my favorite things about being a father is getting to play a pivotal role in guiding, shaping and supporting the growth of another human being. I believe children are a gift from God, and I am given the privilege to be their caretaker here on Earth. I love just spending time with them...sitting on the couch reading, laying around watching TV, walking through the local food market picking out great ingredients, texting memes throughout the day, sitting across the dinner table hearing about their dreams, or listening to them ramble at bedtime to delay the impending eyes-shut moment.

As I was approaching fatherhood for the first time, a friend told me, “You’ll be willing to dig ditches to provide whatever they need.” Now I know it was a metaphor for doing whatever it takes, no matter how grueling. Selflessness is the mark of a good father. I would tell a new dad that you’re not going to do everything right; what’s important is that you be al-in from day one. The greatest compliment I could ever receive as a dad is someone saying that my kids are loving, hardworking, and intelligent human beings that others want to be around.

Father's Day Meet Lenny


Dad of 12-year old and 7-year old sons and a 9-year old daughter

Best Father’s Day Gift

My favorite gift was a coffee mug from Williamsburg. I am a history teacher, so it was awesome that my son picked it out for me on his own.
The greatest compliment I could ever receive as a dad is for my kids to say, “thank you, Dad, for believing in me and always being my #1 fan.” Fatherhood is a gift from God. It gives men the opportunity to look outside themselves and serve the greater good. I love when I get to help my children discover something. The look on their faces and the way they feel are amazing.

One of my favorite thing to do with them is coaching-Even when I’m not the official coach (which sometimes gets me in trouble). I would tell other dads to appreciate it...it goes by quicker than you think. I’m always surprised about how much kids love you back. They are so forgiving. I still work at being a great father every day. I think that is the key. I’d love for my kids to give me a Father’s Day surprise this year of helping with the yard work.

Father's Day Meet Tony


Dad of a 22-year old son and 20 year old and 10-year old daughters

My Perfect Fathers Day

I’d wake up to breakfast and coffee in bed, play golf and come home to a strong drink and
satisfying dinner.
Fatherhood is saying yes and saying no a lot and always being in awe of your children’s potential to change the world for the better. One of my favorite things about being a dad is seeing my kids grow beyond what I have taught them. I love sharing meals and sharing laughs. To be a good father, you must have infinite patience and truly understand that you have the ability to keep your family moving forward. I would tell other dads to be kind to themselves...you
will make some mistakes, and your children will be fine despite them. When you have kids, your life is definitely different but certainly not over and undisputedly richer.

Father's Day Meet Todd


Dad of an 11-year old son

Best Father’s Day Gift

My son drew a picture of a tie that read “Dads do not just wear ties, they tighten family ties.”
Being a father means having the opportunity to raise a child into a productive, kind, and brave human who will be successful in this world. I can help my son live his life to the fullest, take risks and be unafraid to follow his passion and dreams, and go on adventures. My goal is to help him move past his fears to become his best self. I love watching my son overcome challenges to achieve his goals and celebrating his victories. My favorite things to do with my son are bike riding and kicking around the soccer ball with him. I would tell other dads to engage in their children’s lives...talk to them and listen to what they have to say. I am always surprised at how much of myself I see in my son.