Mother's Day 2020 Gift Guide
Mother's Day 2020 Gift Guide

Even before I became a mom, I have always loved Mother’s Day. I remember being a kid and asking my father to take us to McDonald’s so I could get my mother a free breakfast – hotcakes and sausage. I wanted to eat inside the restaurant. She obliged. Never side-eyed me. Cuz that’s what makes mamas great.

Mother’s Day is May 10 and given all our social distancing and quarantining, this is a great time to get creative with honoring the moms. I’ve put together a list of retail options to help you celebrate the special women in your life, but here are some non-retail gifts that moms have told me they’d love:

  1. Two hours of solitude
  2. Someone else to do the cooking for a week
  3. A delivered or take-out meal from their favorite restaurant (HINT: Order in brunch from her favorite place on Mother’s Day)
  4. Ownership of the remote control for a day
  5. Fresh flowers

Our 2020 Mother’s Day may be different this year, but it’s still gonna be great. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day 2020 Gift Guide