Athleisure for the Win
Athleisure for the Win

There used to be a time when you could find me in sky-high heels, outfits that required Spanx that were one size too small (NOTE: I still wear Spanx but now in the appropriate size), and basically all things cute but mostly extremely uncomfortable. Fast forward to today and I am usually in all things cute but oftentimes elastic. I have “yoga pants,” which I wear for quick drive-thru errands runs and to (clutch the pearls) actually workout. Then I have “fancy yoga pants” that don’t scare the students at my kids’ school and are respectable enough for inside-the-store errands. Oh, yeah…I’m super fancy like that. I was rocking my leggings and stretchy pants before they went through the brand refresh to emerge as athleisure.

Athleisure is our Sunday couch look kicked up a notch or five. This is not your boyfriend’s holey college tee and tube socks (although, no judgment). No, for your wear to be considered athleisure, it must embody the three C’s: Casual, Cute and Comfy. (If you’re feeling super spicy, you can add in a fourth C: Chic.)

Let’s review:

  • Cute and holey – not athleisure
  • Comfy and ugly – not athleisure
  • Casual and restrictive – not athleisure
  • Casual + Cute + Comfy = Athleisure!
  • Casual + Cute + Comfy + Chic = Oh heyyyyyy girl

Start with the basics and build from there.

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Athleisure Basics
Athleisure Basics

Now play with it. Throw on your hoodie with joggers, a tee and fresh kicks (read: sneakers for the cool peeps), or layer underneath your jean jacket if it’s a little chilly. If you have a tee with a cute design in the back, rock it with a patterned sports bra and leggings for an effortless sporty spice look when you head to the farmer’s market. Match your mood with your options and the weather.

You can get your wearables from so many places. I tend to get most of mine from Nordstrom, Old Navy, and Target, but don’t sleep on TJ Maxx. I have friends who swear by Athleta and Lululemon. It doesn’t take long before you find what works for you. You have so many options to keep it cute and casual and comfy.