Summering During a Pandemic, Masked Inflatables
Summering During a Pandemic, Masked Inflatables

Kids are out of school, which means it officially summer. But’s also a pandemic. We just finished up e-learning or freestyle/DIY schooling (cuz really, that’s what it was). Many summer camps are closed, lots of folks continue to work from home, and we continue to practice social distancing. (Sidebar: This also coincides with the summer I had determined was going to be my delayed Hot Girl Summer.) This is not the kind of summer DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince rapped about in Summertime.

I’m a firm believer that life is what you make it, so here’s what I plan to do to get my 2020 summer on:

Have a little structure.

Call me crazy, but I feel better when I have a reasonable level of control over what’s happening in my household. I plan on my kids having a couple hours a day of planned or structured activities. This simply means doing something productive - art, reading, math, cooking, writing, science projects. There are a ton of free virtual summer camps out there, and I plan on taking advantage. Coming off of mommy school, these kids need to do whatever they can to sharpen their brains so they’re ready for school in the fall. A little structure will also allow me to get stuff done.

Click here for some fun activities for your kiddos.


Embrace the 70's.

I am all about a 70s summer - where we drink ice cold beverages with red dye, run thru the sprinklers, lay on the lawn and look at the clouds, have dance-offs, run around, ride bikes, jump rope and basically live our best lives. There is an opportunity for a new adventure every day we open our doors, and I’m determined to encourage my kids to find it.

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Be happy.

We’ve been running around so much trying to adjust to our new normal that many of us haven’t taken a moment to just exhale. are happiest when you are your happiest. I am committed to doing at least one thing a day that is all mine that brings me joy. That might mean getting up early before the house starts stirring to have my morning coffee on the porch, listening to a favorite podcast or audiobook while the kids are playing video games, giving myself a facial, connecting with my girlfriends on Zoom, or any number of things.

Click here for a few ideas.

Yeah, it’s not exactly the summer we envisioned. (Kanye shrug) But we are going to make it a great one!