Zen Self-Care
Zen Self-Care

This coronavirus situation has folks all in a tizzy. Me…I am folks. There have been multiple press conferences, my kids’ school announced its 2-week closing and people are turning my happy places into Armageddon over toilet paper. It was all too much for me, so I actively chose self-isolation. This isolation coincided with my kids being away for a few days. Since yesterday, I’ve cleaned sinks, doorknobs, walls, blinds, baseboards, and light fixtures. I’ve developed a high-level homeschool schedule (the kids will be doing e-Learning assignments from their school).

Ain’t nothing sexy about any of that! But I also made myself a bomb ass Moscow mule last night. I did some business planning. I finalized my tax return. That last bit likely doesn’t seem sexy but handling your business is self-love.

I want more. How often does the world tell us that it’s ok to lock ourselves away from the outside world and we don’t have to feel a way about being selfish? Who knows when this time will come again. I’m determined to make the most of it by loving myself even harder and even better. Join me by doing a few things on this list.

Take a bath.

Lock your kids out and submerge. Don’t just make this a regular tub filled with water. Go for it! Light a candle. Use those bath salts that have been just sitting there looking at you. You know what…read a book. No, bump that. Read some poetry! Sip something cold – ice water (with lemon), champagne, wine, iced tea, something. Say your meditations out loud. Get to know yourself intimately (wink, wink). Luxuriate. (Click here to learn how to get your detox bath on.)


Sleep in.

It feels wrong. It feels decadent. It feels indulgent. Dammit, it feels good! Do it. Allow yourself to stay up late without worrying about waking up early the next morning. Get those full 8 hours. Get all the sleep you’ve been missing and that you always wished you could have. This is your moment. Put your phone on do not disturb. Swathe your bed in the highest thread count you have on hand. Cover your pillow in satin then mist it with lavender. Make the room dark and cool. Wear a sleep mask. Don’t worry if you don’t doze off right away. Your body isn’t used to this treat. Let your mind go blank and then go the f*ck to sleep.


Get dressed.

It’s fun to lounge around in your pjs all day…but not every damn day! Make it a point to get showered and get dressed to start your day. When you do this, something clicks in your brain that shifts into go-mode. Much like getting dressed for bed signals to your mind and body that it’s time to wind down, getting dressed in the morning signals that it’s time to make the donuts. And even if you’re alone, you deserve to smell great.



I’ve lost count of how many face masks around the house. I usually pick one up every time I’m in Trader Joes and during the post-Christmas sales. Then the girl gets them for gifts. We’re about to put those to use over the next several weeks. This is also a great time to do a cleanse. I mean…you’re not going anywhere. Deep condition your hair. Detox your armpits (see below). Do all those things you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t had time. Also, stay hydrated.

Face Mask Hack: 

Make your own with equal parts bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. Mix, apply, leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse. Moisturize. (You can also apply this to your armpits to remove toxins, decrease sweat and reduce odor.) Or try 3 tbsp oatmeal, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp warm water. Mix, apply, leave on for 20 minutes. Wipe/rinse. Moisturize.



Dust off those cookbooks that you got way back when but never made anything. Choose recipes that require only what you have on hand, that are easy to follow and execute, and that are worth it. Some of my favorites are both of Chrissy Teigen’s 1st and 2nd cookbooks, No Crumbs Left, the OG G Garvin’s first cookbook, and Shuga & Seoul. Take pics of your culinary creations to remind yourself that you are all that! Oh…and post. 😉


Practice Self-Intimacy.

There’s a lot to…uhmmm…explore. Relieve your stress, feel empowered, improve your O awareness.


Feed Your Mind.

There are so many opportunities to learn something new without leaving the house. A quick Google search for what you’re seeking will get you far. Learn how to meditate, how to decorate a cake like a pro, how to knit, how to sew, how to get your credit score up, how to drive him wild, how to do universal math. It could be an e-book, YouTube video, podcast, live-streamed cooking class or everything in between. There is just so much. Emerge from this isolation with new skills and knowledge.



Go through your closet and ruthlessly purge. There is no more room for jeans that you want to fit into, only jeans that make your ass look great in its current state. Toss that shirt you loved 20 years ago and haven’t worn since. Watch Marie Kondo then only keep things that bring you joy. Don’t forget to sell items that might have real monetary value and donate items that may not give you a monetary lift but might make someone else’s day. We all deserve to look fantastic and anything in your closet that doesn’t live up to that has to go.



This is my least favorite on this list but it’s necessary. This is a good time to shred, label, file. Ugh. Adulting is such a bitch!


Get Bodied.

Have you been struggling to find your workout groove? This is a great time to explore some different kinds of workouts online. HIIT, Plyometrics, kickboxing, Zumba, and more. It’s all there for you. Some to check out are CaféMom Studios, Pop Sugar, and Fitness Blender. Aside from that, practice breathing exercises and stretch. Be kind to your body.


You owe it to yourself to use this downtime to love yourself harder and deeper. I’m hoping that we love ourselves so hard and so deep that it becomes part of our regular lives.