Rainy Beach Vacation Ideas
Rainy Beach Vacation Ideas

It’s common for Georgians to visit Florida for beach vacations. It’s really close and they have so many options to have a fun vacation, whether going solo, with friends, with a partner or with the family. A few faves of vacationers are DisneyWorld, Universal Studios, the Kennedy Space Center, the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, Miami Beach and more.

To be known as the Sunshine State, there is a lot of rain in Florida. When you check the weather before a trip, you undoubtedly will see clouds and rain on any given day. Much of those are pop up showers that go as quickly as they come, but then there are times when it just rains and rains like you’re in the Forrest Gump movie.

During our most recent visit, we had the latter.

I took my family to Rosemary Beach, Florida for Spring Break. Rosemary is known for its gorgeous white sand, clear water, charming shops, yummy coastal bites and easy breezy vibes. It’s a walkable area that borders other cute beach towns along 30A, giving you a chance to drift into different environments and vibes. The area is among my favorite destinations.

Even when I saw the weather projections for rain, I wasn’t deterred. I’ve been to Florida a number of times when the weather was less than cooperative. This vacation, though - it rained rained…like it rained foreal. Big rain, little rain, sideways rain, hard rain, drizzles, all of it. And the weather was cooler - it only got to the very low 70’s once during our week jaunt. But even with rain and cooler temps, my family declared this trip one of our best vacations.

You put a lot of time and effort (and money) into vacations and a little rain can’t derail the fun. Here are some things to do to make sure rainy vacation days don’t stop your fun.

  1. Go for walks.

    I love a good stroll in the rain. There is something about it that feels very free and uninhibited. Not a good idea during a storm but a few sprinkles? I’m there. You can wear a hat, carry an umbrella or sport a poncho. Just be aware of puddles and slick pavements. I have gone on some of my best strolls during rainy vacations. There aren’t many people out and I always see something I’ve missed before. I also like strolling on the beach in the rain. You’re already wet - may as well put your toes in the wet sand or ocean.

  2. Eat something great.

    Many people don’t like venturing out in the rain. So this might be a great opportunity to explore eateries that are usually booked or very busy. Food delivery or takeout may be slower or busier during rainy days, but dining in at a restaurant might be right up your alley.

  3. Watch a movie or show.

    During our most recent beach trip, the twins introduced my mother to one of our favorite family Netflix shows (Family Reunion). We watched several episodes and it was a lot of fun. Many hotels and vacation homes now offer smart TVs and you can log in with your account. Or you can rent a movie directly on the TV. Or you can actually find a theater in town and go see a movie. There are a lot of options and it’s a great way to do something fun while waiting out the rain.

  4. Play games.

    A little friendly competition along with some silliness is gametime perfection. I usually have a deck of playing cards and UNO cards on me when we travel. Cards don’t take up much space and can be enjoyed by all ages. When the kids were younger, we’d have Old Maid cards with us, too. On our most recent vacay, we had room for Monopoly and broke that out one evening. Playing with kids is pure comedy.

  5. Get some rest.

    Naps and rainy days go together like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, Denzel and me. Why go for rain sounds on a machine or app when you can have the real thing? When it rains during your vacation, curl up and get still. Sometimes we expect to go, go, go on vacations and in the end, we’re replete instead of rested and rejuvenated. Lay down, close your eyes and embrace the peace.

There is lots of fun to be had when it rains on your vacation. You can’t control the weather (or cancellation fees, if you choose to reschedule), so choose to go with the flow and embrace your options. Your options are plenty and they are good.