Fire Pit
Fire Pit

There is something about contained fire that lights me up. (Lights me up…light…fire…see what I did there?) I love bonfires at the beach, the roaring flames in fireplaces, flickering candlelight, big flames in the grill, and of course s’mores. I wonder sometimes with s’mores if I really enjoy the nibbles as much as I do the marshmallow roasting. I have my favorite places where this comes to life for me — especially my BFF’s fire pit at her home and The Ritz-Carlton at Lake Oconee — but everything becomes a little more special at home. I haven’t invested in a fire pit but I’ve figured out how to create a s'more/fire pit experience of my own at home. So easy and inexpensive and fun.

Large Fire Pit
What You’ll Need:
  • Small (3 to 6 inches) terra cotta pots
  • River / garden rocks (enough to fill each pot)
  • 1 Sterno can for each pot (Ethanol is edible; only get Sterno cans marked “ethanol” if you are planning to roast marshmallows or make s’mores)
  • Lighter
  • Paint, paint pens, glitter, markers and/or other art supplies to personalize the pots
  • Using paint or paint pens, scribe your name on a pot. Sprinkle with glitter, add gems or other items to make it your own. Allow to dry.
  • Grab terra cotta pot and fill with large rocks.
  • Shimmy a Sterno can in the center leaving the wick displayed.
  • Light in a ventilated area.

Voila – you have your very own fire pit. You’re ready to enjoy dancing flames or roast marshmallows. When you’re finished, be sure to put the fire out.